Who's writing this?

Looking at the next year of grad school

Other fun facts about me:

1. I've worked with corn, rice, and arabidopsis, so I guess you could say I love plants!

2. I also love programming things - raspberry pi's are neat little things if you want to talk about projects!

3. I used to run cross country and track in high school and college! 

4. I lived in the south of France for 4 months studying abroad in college. If you ever get the chance to go to Aix-en-Provence, do it!

5. I'm a self-proclaimed shower singer extraordinaire 

Hi! My name is Michael, and I'm a graduate student. 

Born and raised in Nebraska, I decided to spread out and move to a different state to explore my interest further in science. Starting with a background in molecular biology, genetics, and computational biology, I moved into a graduate lab focusing on evolutionary biochemistry. 

I decided to start Grad Life Guidelines in an effort to give advice to a broad audience of both undergraduates and graduates. If you're currently dealing with the struggles of grad school, don't worry, I'm there with you. If you're an undergrad aspiring to go to grad school or just finish your science degree with high marks, I'll do my best as someone who's been there to tell you my experience. 

"What makes you the authority on any of this stuff?" you may be asking. Well, I'm just a normal guy, not an expert. However, I did apply to 5 Ph.D programs at R1 level graduate schools, including an ivy league, and got accepted to all 5, so I'd like to think I did something right along the way. 

My hope is that this site can provide you with some helpful information!